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First Book:  Untold Testimonies Told

"Pastor Stacy Cope's wonderful book is important to all of the people of God.

Every Pastor and ministry leader will be motivated by these remarkable testimonies to find untold testimonies within their congregations.

Every believer needs this book in his or her own quest to be an overcomer. In fact, you will not only need your own copy, you will also need additional copies to give to others. In doing so, you will strike a blow against Satan."

Dr. Ron Phillips Sr.

Pastor Emeritus

Abba's House, Chattanooga, TN

First Book:  Untold Testimonies Told

"We can learn lessons through the journey of others. As such, you will find important spiritual nuggets in the book. Take the time to read these and know that what God has done for others, He will do for you."

Rev. Perry Stone Jr. 

Founder of VOE

Founder of ISOW 

Founder of OCI 


Second Book:  Testimonies Told

"Pastor Stacy Cope has given us an inside look at the trials and tribulations all people called of God go through. Stacy’s ministry is a picture of generational legacy. Like myself, he has had to fight and persevere to be where he is today. Stacy is an encourager and so desperately wants to see revival in our land. I believe this book will bring you back to the original mandate given by Jesus Christ."

Dr. Ronnie Phillips Jr. 

Pastor - Author - Evangelist

Founder of Ronnie Phillips Ministries International & Lead Pastor of Abba’s House


Third & Newest Book:  

From Sheep To Horses

"..Pastor Stacy’s theme in this book is clear: Cooperate with the Lord’s plan to move you from strength to strength, to transform you from glory to glory, to make your life into an instrument of His love and power. “Let’s allow God to transform us,” Pastor Stacy urges, “from His Sheep to His Mighty Loyal Confident War Horses!..”

Dr. Daniel Woods

Recently retired from pastoring and currently serves the International Pentecostal Holiness Church as a preacher, teacher, and historian.


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